Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fangirl? Gaming hits the 2oth century.


And so it’s arrived… The games industry as it stands today, in all it’s glory. But do we stand together united in geek pride? Alas! no! We are divided in a big pathetic brand loyalty war. But who really cares?

Then there were three. Though I don’t really count the Wii. To me, the Wii (ha ha I'll quit the rhyme now) is aimed toward geriatrics and children. The majority of games provided are relaxing, but fun for about 10 minutes… and then you get bored. Is the chunky stick-majig  a step towards virtual reality or is it just a wireless version of shooters you get in arcades?  I get what Nintendo are trying to pull here, making it accessible for all the family, but I’m not convinced. So then there were two.


Each to their own. I personally love my PS3, but I’ll admit any day that Halo is a great game. The only reason I have not yet succumbed to Microsoft is my devotion to the good old FF series. Maybe I’ll cross the divide when I have money to throw away. Or when Square Enix start bringing games out on the Xbox… Oh, wait.

It seems too little too late for competitors trying to edge in the market now. There's too much money to be lost, the market is too cut throat and cruel for any fresh blood.

Pressures for the future? I’m thinking political correctness could become an issue… There was a big hoo-har about the scene in Resistance shot in Manchester Cathedral.


Bah! The Church of England tried to make Sony remove the game from the shelves, and give donations toward easing gun crime in Manchester city. That just seems ridiculous. It had nothing to do with religion, the cathedral was just a pretty place to shoot aliens. Luckily it just boosted sales. Take that COE!

My dream for games of the future? Storylines that draw you headfirst in to the game, that make you want to play in story mode again and again. I guess I just want another ffvii.

But more grown up..

and minus the blonde spikes.

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