Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Resistance

Muse have always held a special place in my heart. The album  Absolution echoed my pubescent feelings of rebellion at a time when music labelled who you were. When going to see Muse for the first time (the black holes tour last year) I felt a deep feeling of dread and apprehension. I can’t stand bands that I love being cruddy live, it ruins the magic of it all. I speak from experience, I had been (and still am) an avid fan of The Strokes, but when I heard them live in 2006 I lost half of my respect.  It wasn’t that they were pants, it’s just… they were a little pants. Julian Casablancas mumbles a lot on the albums, and through head phones that really works with the music. But on stage, he looks drunk and sounds a  little pathetic.

When I first heard Matt Bellamy’s vocals live I was blown away. The music sounds better blasted through massive amps than on a CD which is something that bands usually struggle with, and Bellamy’s voice is something to die for... I could marry that voice.  The band did not let me down - Muse have one ass kicking live show.

And The Resistance tour was just as good.  Muse really suit the bigger arenas, so the mahoosive NIA Birmingham complimented the bands powerful style. The stage set interacted with the audience, big balloons bounce out through the crowd and when they eventually burst, confetti is released in clouds. It makes the crowd feel included and gives more reason to jump and join in with the sea of fans.


Bellamy’s interaction with the crowd just added that extra sparkle to the night. We managed to get standing tickets in the end, and we ended up so close you could see his face….


Shame about the nose. Bless him. But yeah the show was just… Epic.

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