Monday, 11 January 2010

Shiny Shiny

Santa hauled an Xbox down my chimney this year… So I could play Halo and Mass Effect… and my housemate could play Forza 3.

With all the hype about this machine, I expected it to do my washing and cook tea straight from the box.. but to my disappointment it simply sat glumly,  peering jealously at my ps3’s shiny shiny casing. They both look pretty slinky to be fair, and in reality the ps3 looks far from dreamy covered in fingerprints and dust.

I think ergonomics in controllers is pretty darn important. When I play for hours on end (which used to happen often) I don’t want cramp in my wrists and a mutated thumb after half an hour. The Xbox controller feels like part of your body – a natural extension that just attaches like it’s been there since year dot. The Playstation controller feels more like what it is… a controller. but in some ways that’s a good thing…. gaming for hours on end is hardly healthy…


I’m glad that the Ps3 controller has yet to shift much from the original version. Its a system that's works. The wireless feature comes  in handy when numbed chilly fingers make buttons hard to press. Playstation under a duvet is the way forward!

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