Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The State Of Play

It seems that games are being played more than ever during the recession. To be honest, this doesn't really surprise me. With consoles like the DS and Wii, gaming has become less of a cult hobby and more like a family bonding sesh. I was rather impressed at Nintendo’s new advertising campaign aimed towards the older lady. The Wii fit really is a good idea, and I can see that this particular ‘health conscious’ angle might lead to every household owning a games console of some sort.

However, while claims of increased gaming is undeniably positive it’s not always that simple. Money-conscious geeks appear to be spending more of their savings on used games and rental services and less on new releases. This makes sense to me, who wants to buy a £40 shiny new game when you can get a just as shiny £20 version on the next shelf just because it’s been played once before. When people are expected to pay this much for an experience it had better be a good one.

This provides a bit of a problem. The majority of games that have had that price tag are frustratingly average. So, industry, if you want me to shell out my grocery money on games you need to monitor the quality of your games being produced.

Thus far the games industry has been pretty clever at dodging the pirates. Technological advances and ‘Unhackable’ consoles have managed to beat off the free for all craze that is currently rotting away the music industry… but…Oh, I eat my words.

George Holtz (the guy that hacked the Iphone at 17) claims to now have cracked the Ps3:

"It's supposed to be unhackable - but nothing is unhackable, I can now do whatever I want with the system. It's like I've got an awesome new power - I'm just not sure how to wield it."

It was… Inevitable.

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