Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More often then not I find myself amongst people that have no clue about who I really am… I have a boyfriend and flatmate that happen to be my complete opposites. They find it hard to do anything if it has no reward for them, and scoff at most things that they see as incorrect or boring.  They are the two people I spend 75% of my time with, and I can feel myself getting progressively lonelier.

Enough with the ‘woe is me’, what I’m trying to say is that I found a game. It’s called Flower. Recently the games I have been playing involve complexities that that create big ass decisions that shape your character and/or the opportunities you receive. I have enough of that stuff in my real life.

Flower just let’s me relax. I played the first level for an hour, though it could be completed a quarter of that time and 10 minutes in to it I felt physically lighter. I couldn't help smiling, and occasionally giggling to myself, as psychotic as it sounds. It is such a simple game. You are a single petal that floats on the wind. As you fly you pick up other petals from different flowers, in the end becoming a cloud of colour. The landscapes and music make this an unbeatable experience.

When my housemate started to play it, all he could think of was how to get all of the trophies for his collection.

…Some people just don’t get the point.

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