Thursday, 25 March 2010

A storm is brewing…

All day the air in Dunstable has felt charged. It makes your hairs stand on end. This is one of my favourite feelings, the anticipation before the storm, and then when it hits, the pure exhilaration.

In Malaysia, thunderstorms are far more intense. The rain that pours down in sheets feels warm against your skin and the lightening display is always fascinating to watch. Tropical storms happen so often over there that no one notices it take place. I stop whatever I am doing and stare at the sky.


  1. The forces of nature are immense! You make me want to experience a Malaysian thunderstorm lol

  2. They are breathtaking! Sometimes I wish we experienced crazy weather like hurricanes and tornado's over here. Then I realise it's one thing watching them and another thing when they destroy your home and lively hood.

    It fascinates me how weather can be both beautiful and terrifying, I think that's why I love it so much :D