Thursday, 29 April 2010

Game Developers Conference


Designing for Co-Operative Play in an Open World

Speaker: David Bowring (Designer, Volition)

I have always been intrigued about this concept. I can imagine trying to incorporate co-op in a sandbox game must be pretty difficult. The potential is very exciting though…

The Psychology of Game Design (Everything You Know Is Wrong)

Speaker: Sid Meier (Director of Creative Development, Firaxis Games)

I find gaming psychology ever so interesting. I want games to mess with my head, they need to be more clever and creative!

Rising to the Top: How to Land a Triple-A Job

Speaker: Tim Johnson (Recruiter/HR Generalist, Epic Games), TJ Summers(Senior Partner, Digital Artist Managment), Kevin Fanning (Manager of Strategic Staffing, Harmonix), Jeanette Ercila (Manager, Recruitment & Programs, Disney Interactive Media Group)

For obvious reasons…

Five Ways a Video Game Can Make You Cry

Speaker: Richard Rouse III (Narrative Director, Ubisoft Montreal)

Another fascinating topic. Games have so much potential to create intense emotion, especially in the realm of characters. I get easily attached to characters though, so getting a little misty eyed is a common occurrence for me. Not recently though… I haven't been attached to a character since ICO.


  1. Would like to find out more about these! Wonder if you can get hold of the slides or anything! :)

    Yesssssssss Ico!!!!! what about sotc?

  2. I haven't thought to look! Maybe I'll have a roam on the internet :)

    SOTC is a beautiful game. I got unhealthily attached to Agro. In fact, thinking about it, I felt a whole lot of sadness whilst killing the colossi (they are beautiful mystical creatures after all!)

    I feel like playing it again now...