Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Oh.. Hullo again creativity. What is it, the third meet already? I think your stalking me.. go away.

I refuse to look at my first creativity two posts, I’m scared those words will bounce around my brain and subconsciously gloop  into this blog. Here goes..

creative quote

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.”

-Bill Hicks.

Get ready for a decisive blog.. I'm in that kind of mood.

Everyone is creative. No one is any more creative than the next person and if they appear so it is simply because your own view of creativity is different to mine. Some may say that a fine artist is more creative than a mathematician, but maths is a creative pursuit in itself. It takes an incredible grasp of pattern and logic to handle numbers, you have to think outside the box to solve problems and equations. Isn't that just as creative as putting pen to paper?

Is a dust bin man any less creative than a composer? I don’t think so. The dustbin man has chosen to pursue a career that doesn't involve much creative thinking, but were he to come across a problem with the truck that needed fixing, he would show far more creativity than the composer would if he were in the same situation. The dustbin man would fix the problem with skill he feels comfortable and practised in. The composer would stand on the road side dumbfounded.

How do I show my creativity as an artist? By creating something that's from the heart despite having a fear of criticism and rejection. Simply by expressing myself through art I feel like I show creativity. Every time I pick up a pencil and draw, no matter what the outcome looks like, I have gone through a creative process. By being passionate and consistent with this creativity I think I am beginning to show talent. How would I expect it to be acknowledged by others? If I thought too much about that, I don’t think I would be an artist.

I think creativity requires confidence. And once that confidence is found, anything you put your mind to will seem like you do so with a creative flare.

This is also what I think the fundamental difference between creativity and talent consists of. Creativity is having the confidence to pick up a pencil and put it to paper, anything you produce will display creativity whether your 3 and drawing a spud with legs, or 29 drawing an illustration for a magazine article. Talent, however, shows itself with practise and passion. The more you practise, the more talented you appear. The more passionate you are, the more you practise.

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