Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Where on EARTH did that last year go? No seriously, it flew by!

The last 6 months have been the strangest I have ever experienced. So much has changed and I feel like a completely different person! In January I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly 5 years, which completely changed my out look on everything I done. At the start of the year I found my self at a loss. I had built up this personality over those years that was appropriate to my circumstances, and here I was, thrown in to the single life without a life belt. I felt like I had no identity. So I made one up.. What an emotional rollercoaster those first few months were. I am just so glad I didn't just give up on uni all together.

I spent the start of the year going a little wild (in my books anyway!).. travelling up to Coventry on most weekend’s to party with my friends and then coming home and isolating myself from my house mates (one of which being my ex.. oohh complicated!) and spending most of my time out of the house.  I’m not sure how.. but I kept up with the uni team project quite well.. Everything else just sort of.. fell apart.

When March came around and the Blitz open day loomed it dawned on me that this is what I wanted.. That was that really. I have paid for those months of partying though, I have had a lot of catching up to do.. But here I am!

I swear my life is so dramatic sometimes… Which is strange because I’m really not a dramatic person. I just find myself in strange situations that I deal with by laughing and just seeing the funny side of  it. What else can you do?!

Moving on..

The team project was just… STRESSFULL. That is the only word for it really. Despite this I learnt invaluable lessons and worked with some really inspirational peers. Working in a team definitely had its perks! The sense of humour in our group was really brilliant, I've had some hilarious conversations and it was great getting on so well with people I would have otherwise hardly spoken too. It was also brilliant have a support system there for you 24/7 (literally, game art students never sleep). It felt so much more easier to work in that environment rather than sat along in your room constantly worrying what you are doing is wrong! I think I’ll write a blog about the team project actually.. I have a bit to say on the matter!

Moving on.. again..

The Blitz open day gave me exactly the feedback I needed to shift my focus away from partying and back on to my work and future career. I had some truly great feedback on that trip, it was possibly the best experience of the year. The advice given was priceless. I went in with little to no confidence in my work, and left feeling positively ecstatic about the future. Sounds like overkill right? But all the way back I couldn't stop talking about  what a great day I had!

I now have two professional opinions on what I need to do to strengthen my portfolio. I have met some inspiration people in the industry and also some of my potential peers I may be pitching against! And let me tell you, the quality of work was astounding. But strangely, I didn't feel intimidated! I just felt this almighty push towards my final goal. I finally felt like all of this was achievable… and its ALL on my back. But I’m strong enough to take it. Easy peasey, mate.


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