Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Interaction Design

I think 3D is a gimmick.

We have had 3D films for ages? The reason it never kicked off in the first place is because it wasn't worth the money… And now people are buying stupidly over priced 3D TV’s to sit in front of with their stupidly over priced personal 3D glasses. I went along with the 3D cinema shows for a while because, yeah, ok… they look pretty. But not pretty enough to pay an extra 3 squids for the privilege. And then they ask for your glasses back? PAHAHA no. I have 3 pairs sitting at home in my desk now. Do they give you a discount if you bring your own glasses? No. No they don't. As for 3D gaming.. I've played on a 3DS for an hour. for the first 5 minutes I was impressed, but then it bored me.

Just like the Wii. Which brings me on to motion controllers. Oh.. yes.


I know the levels of obesity in children are rising, and the average size of a female in the UK has risen to a size 14-16 but frankly, I don’t give a damn when it starts to interfere with my gaming future. I don't want to be standing swinging a stick around the air, it look’s un-cool and it looks boring. Why can’t we just keep our wireless controllers in our laps and sit with a cuppa. That's my idea of escaping reality. Not jumping around the place like a loon trying to get a motion sensor to work despite the fact I’m standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT.

And no, I’m not just being lazy. I will go out for a run if I fancy it, I play badminton on a Friday evening. But that’s because I enjoy leaving the house and getting fresh air. I enjoy playing for a team and having a run around. I enjoy working my body, and pushing it. Waving my arms around and gyrating my hips will not achieve any of that..

But now I have had my major rant, I will just add one praise. I have played Just Dance and that was very good fun. Particularly if your watching your friends going at it drunk. I guess I just worry that the bigger companies will get swept away with the novelty of all of this innovation and forget about the old school gamers. The ones that sit for hours slack jawed and semi conscious, the ones that play the coolest games.

So, guys… you’ve had a muck around with your new toys, you've ridden the motion sensitive wave. Now put down that silly little nunchuck and take off those oversized glasses and get on with making some real games. Include some relatable characters while your at it, yeah? Cheers.

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